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Digital Marketing 2020

We are Digital Agency that help you to scale your order and Business with OrderScale.com

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Promoting your business website using OrderScale.com

Growing a website takes time. It takes consistent sharing of great content for months and months on end. Usually, it takes most people about two years to get big.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

We Have solid brand design strategy will help Connecting with your audience

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✔ Identify memorable, pronounceable and Different Company Name.
✔ Consider your overall business strategy.
✔ Identify your target clients.
✔ Research your target client group.
✔ Business goals and brand personality.
✔ Market and user research
✔ Develop your brand positioning.
✔ Develop your messaging strategy.
✔ Develop your name, logo and tagline.
✔ Develop your content marketing strategy.
✔ Develop your website.
✔ Build your marketing toolkit.
✔ Implement, track, and adjust.
✔ Visual elements of brand
✔ Corporate brand style
✔ A style guide

Social Media Marketing

Would you like to improve your social media marketing?

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✔ We Work on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, Snapchat.

✔ Select Relevant and Realistic Social Media Marketing Goals.
✔ Determine Your Most Relevant Metrics.
✔ Decide Who You Want as Your Social Media Audience.
✔ Understand Your Social Media Audience.
✔ Select the Right Social Media Networks for Your Audience.
✔ Investigate How Your Competitors Approach Social Media.
✔ Plan the Types of Content You Intend to Share.
✔ Set Up Your Accounts Properly Before You Make and Promote Content.
✔ Establish the Best Times to Post and Set Up a Content Calendar.
✔ Create Suitable Content to Share with Your Followers.
✔ Promote Your Social Channels.
✔ Engage with Your Audiences.
✔ Consider Paid Promotion to Boost Your Audiences.
✔ Consider Working with Influencers to Widen Your Reach.
✔ Track Your Results and Adapt.
✔ Create a personalized experience for your customers.
✔ Create an efficient content marketing strategy.
✔ Create a community for your audience.
✔ Use brand advocates.
✔ Establish a social media budget.
✔ Run cross-channel campaigns.
✔ Work with micro-influencers.
✔ Make your social profile shoppable.
✔ Test out augmented reality ads.
✔ Management
✔ Advertising
✔ Posting
✔ Scheduling
✔ Page Creation
✔ Page Optimization
✔ Training
✔ Monitoring
✔ Reporting
✔ Contests
✔ Coupons
✔ Audit
✔ Competitive Analysis
✔ Profile Creation
✔ Account Manager

Audience Analytics

We detailed understanding of your company and audience to operate in the overlap that only your offerings can reach

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✔ Build a complete content strategy.
✔ create the perfect story for your audience.
✔ Understand what verbal and visual messages appeal to your consumers..
✔ Discover unexpected affinities.
✔ trigger out-of-the-box ideas to produce innovative content.
✔ Choose the right online and offline media channels to deliver the right messages to your audiences.
✔ Uncover the media preferences of any audience in any country.
✔ Launch campaigns on the social channels your audience is most active on.
✔ Make smart budget decisions by sponsoring events your audiences have the most interest in.
✔ Choose the right influencers for your audience and your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

you’ll be able to target your most qualified audience with OrderScale.com

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✔ Define Your Target Audience & Their Interests.
– Content Strategy
– Targeted Keyword Discovery
✔ Define Your Target Audience and Their Needs.
✔ Categorized Keyword Research.
✔ Finding Gaps and Opportunities.
✔ Define Competitors.
✔ Spying On (and Learning From) Your Competitors.
✔ Customized SEO Strategy & Recommendations.
✔ Must-have SEO Recommendations.
✔ Prioritize and Summarize.
✔ SEO A/B Split Testing.
✔ Host HTML Files From a CDN.
✔ Multi-lingual Title Tag Tests.
✔ Content Clusters.
✔ Conquer the World.
✔ Perform an SEO Audit.
✔ Choose the Right Keywords.
✔ Create Great Content.
✔ Make it Mobile-Friendly.
✔ Build Backlinks.
✔ SEO-friendly URL’s.
✔ Track Your Progress.
✔ Identify Problem and Challenges.
✔ Crawl Budget Optimization.
✔ Content Re-Optimization.
✔ Optimize title tags for better SERP CTR.
✔ Build topically relevant (contextual) internal links.
✔ Optimize content for TF-IDF. You can use tools like CognitiveSEO’s Keyword Tool and/or Ryte to generate these content recommendations.
✔ Improve targeting for secondary keywords.
✔ Easy Wins – Rank More Long Tail Keywords.
✔ Brand, Reputation, And Relationship – Driven Link Building.
✔ Managing keyword and content discovery.
✔ Auditing the site for technical and performance issues that affect SEO.
✔ Measuring SEO rank and business results on a site-wide and page-by-page basis.
✔ On-platform and live human support.
✔ Assigning and tracking tasks and events.
✔ Integration with other software and analytics.
✔ SEO on Google.
✔ SEO on Youtube.
✔ SEO on Yahoo.
✔ SEO on Being.
✔ SEO on Amazon web store.
✔ SEO on Facebook.
✔ SEO on Pinterest.

Copywriting & Strategy

OrderScale provide to grip their wandering attention. Every ad, article and web page needs words. contact us.

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✔ Create a feeling of exclusivity.
✔ Prove the value of your product.
✔ Establish yourself as an authority.
✔ Display client/customer logos.
✔ Make people feel like they belong.
✔ Use short paragraphs.
✔ Use simple language.
✔ Write quickly.
✔ Create a slippery slide.
✔ Write conversationally.
✔ Don’t make it all about you.
✔ Write Instant-Clarity Headlines.
✔ We highlight key clients.
✔ We strengthen key aspects of your copy.
✔ We Target Emotions.
✔ Be as specific as possible.
✔ Emphasize Benefits Over Features.
✔ Map Your Audience Personas.
✔ Improve Click-Through Rates.
✔ Features versus benefits.
✔ Employ storytelling.
✔ Sound like an expert.
✔ Buy with emotion, justify with logic.
✔ Offer exclusivity.
✔ Use honesty.
✔ Include calls to action.
✔ Focus on formatting.
✔ Get them saying yes.

Graphic Design

OrderScale Rich Team of Young And Experienced Designer

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 ✔ Visual identity graphic design.
✔ Marketing & advertising graphic design.
   – Postcards and flyers
   – Magazine and newspaper ads
   – Posters, banners and billboards
   – Infographics
   – Brochures (print and digital)
   – Vehicle wraps
   – Signage and trade show displays
   – Email marketing templates
   – PowerPoint presentations
   – Menus
   – Social media ads, banners and graphics
   – Banner and retargeting ads
   – Images for websites and blogs
✔ User interface graphic design.
   – Web page design
   – Theme design (WordPress, Shopify, etc.)
   – Game interfaces
   – App design
✔ Publication graphic design.
   – Books
   – Newspapers
   – Newsletters
   – Directories
   – Annual reports
   – Magazines
   – Catalogs
✔ Packaging graphic design.
✔ Motion graphic design.
   – Title sequences and end credits
   – Advertisements
   – Animated logos
   – Trailers
   – Presentations
   – Promotional videos
   – Tutorial videos
   – Websites
   – Apps
   – Video games
   – Banners
   – GIFs
✔ Environmental graphic design.
   – Signage
   – Wall murals
   – Museum exhibitions
   – Office branding
   – Public transportation navigation
   – Retail store interiors
   – Stadium branding
   – Event and conference spaces
✔ Art and illustration for graphic design.
   – T-shirt design
   – Graphic patterns for textiles
   – Motion graphics
   – Stock images
   – Graphic novels
   – Video games
   – Websites
   – Comic books
   – Album art
   – Book covers
   – Picture books
   – Infographics
   – Technical illustration
   – Concept art
✔ E-book Design
✔ Banner Ads
✔ Photoshop
✔ Logo
✔ Flyers
✔ Branding
✔ Business card design
✔ Brochures
✔ Illustration

Website Design & Development

For your business, your website takes priority OrderScale.com

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✔ Have a Plan.
✔ Remove stocky images and ambiguous terminology.
✔ Include social share and follow buttons.
✔ Implement calls-to-action.
✔ Use the right imagery that works for your audience.
✔ Create a navigation that guides users through your site.
✔ Let your visitors scroll on your homepage.
✔ Don’t be afraid of white space.
✔ Stay mobile friendly.
✔ Focus on SEO.
✔ Never stop testing.
✔ Find and fix 404s.
✔ Create unique offerings.
✔ Create content for your persona.
✔ Use illustration.
✔ Animation Website.
✔ Be Transparent & Helpful.
✔ Use Statistics & Case Studies.
✔ Provide Social Proof through Customer Reviews & Testimonials.
✔ Showcase Awards, Certifications & Credentials.
✔ Take Advantage of Email Marketing.
✔ Use Picture is worth a thousand words.
✔ Aesthetics are everything.
✔ Conventions are Cool!
✔ Consistency.
✔ User Experience.
✔ Keep Load Time in Mind.
✔ Accessibility For All.
✔ Optimization Station.
✔ Aim for a responsive web design.
✔ Try software prototyping.
✔ Gather a good team.
✔ Know your users.
✔ Be versatile.
✔ Always test and validate your projects.
✔ Data Protection.

Email Marketing

OrderScale.com server provides a complete email marketing solution. We have support officers 24/7 for your

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✔ We have multiple SMTP Servers
✔ Personalize your email without using the recipient’s name.
✔ The long and short of subject lines.
✔ 9:00 p.m. to midnight is the prime time to send your email.
✔ The best content is free content: Give something away.
✔ Mobile opens accounts for 47 percent of all email opens.
✔ Email still reigns over Facebook and Twitter.
✔ Send email on the weekends.
✔ Re-engage an inactive group of subscribers.
✔ Test copy, design and buttons.
✔ Automate email campaigns when possible.
✔ Set email marketing goals.
✔ Pick the necessary email marketing tools.
✔ Determine the target audience.
✔ Identify the appropriate list building tactics.
✔ Divide your mailing list into segments.
✔ Identify the types of emails to send.
✔ Create a schedule for sending emails.
✔ Format the email content.
✔ Optimize your emails.
✔ Conduct split-testing.
✔ Monitor email performance reports.
✔ Increase customer engagement.
✔ Pick the necessary email marketing tools.
✔ Identify the types of emails to send.
✔ Divide your mailing list into segments.
✔ Provide incentives via email that encourage customers to review the products they’ve purchased.
✔ Run A/B testing to optimize click-through and open rates.
✔ Offer rewards to loyal customers.
✔ Re-engage dormant customers.
✔ Be ready for holidays and product seasonality with a newsletter calendar.

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