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Sending emails to prospects and clients is critical to a businesses success and often it takes 3 – 7 emails before someone will respond.

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So professional and prompt with communication as well as delivery. Have placed multiple orders and every time the writing is so fresh and upbeat. Just what we were looking for and move. Thank you for your fantastic work always Orderscale.


AMAZING!! OrderScale was accommodating with my request and timing. She also “got me” and understood my audience and voice. Thank you thank you.


Great communication and pslove is a pro. I like her style, short, grabs attention, informative, and to the point, exactly how marketing emails should be.


Orderscale is very knowledgeable and is patient to explain each steps of the process. His communication skills are excellent. I would recommend him for the new projects and would work him again.


Orderscale was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend that you use orderscale for all your email campaigns as I’m sure I will be doing!


Orderscale did an amazing job with this project. The writing was concise and the turn around time was better than expected! Thank you again, Orderscale, for your amazing work! Carla


Frequently Asked Questions

Drip emails, or marketing emails, are the most cost-effective way to boost sales

I don’t have Klaviyo, how do I sign up?

You can sign up by going to and creating an account from there.

What’s the process like?

1. You add me to the Klaviyo account as Manager 2. I do my research and take a look at your website 3. I create a branded email template specific to your brand 4. I will continue and setup flows 5. I will setup promo-codes in Klaviyo 6. I will get everything reviewed by you before going live!

Do you guarantee sales?

My clients are making upto 40% of their revenue from Klaviyo. All of them? No, just the ones with the right business idea and execution. I will do my best but I can’t guarantee results!

Can you also send out email campaigns for my brand?

Absolutely! Checkout my other Klaviyo gig where I send out 4 monthly email campaigns designed around your ideas!

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