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starting a business and need killer copywriting to launch your business the right way, or need some revamping for your current copy because you’re just not selling as much as you’d like.

300+ Satisfied Customers

OrderScale was great, timely delivery, and revisions that ended in a great result for our “about Us” section. I love that he takes psychology into account and was really able to deliver the emotion that I couldn’t do myself.


He got a very quick grasp on our business and who we were trying to target, Great copywriting skills and would consider to work with him again on any new projects, Very pleased


I am very happy that I found OrderScale. Very professional, quick response, very helpful. Can’t recommend him enough. I definitely will keep working with him in a future.


Very quick and efficient, seller went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the copy. Will work with again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your brand struggling? I’ll give you step-by-step guidance & strategies to help you revive!

I prefer to pay per word, do you do that?

If that’s what you prefer, then yes!

What if your packages don’t match my needs?

Not a problem. Reach out to me and I’ll get you a custom Package that encompasses exactly what you want.

Why should I hire OrderScale?

Hey, that’s my favorite interview question! Simply put, I’ve successfully worked with small and large companies from North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia. That’s 5 out of 7 continents! World-class experience and an extensive education make the difference for your copy!

Whoa! Did you say a TEAM of writers?

Yup! This Three-man operation is quickly growing and we’re now working with a great team of carefully selected writers!

What’s your theory on how to write amazing, compelling copy?

Research is 90% of the battle. Anyone can write a generic website or sales message, but what will make your business money? What will solidify your business in a person’s memory? A DEEP dive into customers’ pains. Their passions. Their desires. The question below explains how I get there.

You’re more expensive. Why?

Because I take the time to do deep, extra-gritty research. I scour competitor websites, reviews, forums, social media and video comment sections to see what REAL customers in your industry/niche are saying TODAY. Only then can we make you stand out and deliver them the perfect marketing message.

Do I get revisions? How does that work?

You get unlimited revisions. Sometimes it takes a little back and forth collaboration to perfect your vision. I prioritize your revisions over my other work so you don’t have to wait. Worst case for a revision would be 12 hours, but if I’m awake, almost always less than 4.

How do you deal with revisions?

You tell me what the issue is, and I fix it. Revisions will be built into your retainer. If you’ve already worked with me a lot, you already know that revisions are rare, minor, and quickly amended!

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