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“A brand is not just a logo, website or business card. It’s an experience.”

 Your brand is the overall impression you give to your audience that expresses the value you provide.

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Brand Identity Design with Strategy

Branding without a strategy is like a doctor operating on a patient without diagnosing. If you don’t want to be treated by an unprofessional doctor, why would you want to brand your business without a strategy?

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“Overall, working with Q was great! She was an awesome communicator, diligent, and never missed a deadline. She always took the time to explain something if we did not understand it. She guided us really well through the process from start to finish. I would highly recommend her!”


“it’s great to work again and again with Uplancemedia. very pleasant experience with their attention to details and the patience taking every single comment and wishes and make it happened in perfection”
Sara Blankenship

“Excellent designs created in a timely manner. This is the second time I am working with Uplancemedia. I am very satisfied and would definitely work with this team again”

“Very timely in terms of responsiveness. It did seem to take several iterations of the FB Ad concepts to get to the final version. My target market is Baby Boomers and I believe I had to help with a lot of input that probably would not be needed for a younger buying demographic. Miriam and her team did seem very interested in creating a successful line-up of Ads and the proof of success is in the pudding – we’ll see how how the Ads perform!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your brand struggling? I’ll give you step-by-step guidance & strategies to help you revive!

What is a brand? And why building a brand is important for a business?

Brand is a reputation of a business, it is people’s gut feeling towards your service, product and organizations. If you don’t have a brand, then your product or service will be becoming a commodity, when it is a commodity, you will only be competing on price.

What is a unique value proposition?

Unique Value Proposition answers: 1.Who you are? 2.What you do? 3.Why what you do is important? Normally it is easy for business answer the first question, but it gets harder when it goes down the list. A unique value proposition will help you to find the blue oceans in its market place.

Why your service is more expensive than other brand identity designers? And How you are different?

I am sure there is a lot of great designers out there. However, I am the only one who provides brand strategy-based brand identity design in this platform. I can also provide tracking records of successful brands I had build. My method & expertise set me apart from the rest designers.

Inquiry requirements [How to Write a Request for Brand Strategy Service]

It is highly recommended to include useful background information about your company: who founded it, what product or service your company offers, what sets you apart from competitors, and where you’re located. Define exactly what you intend to accomplish with the brand.

What is a brand strategy?

Brand Strategy is a bridge to link business strategy with visual identity design. You can see brand strategy is like a matchmaking process, it will help a business to identify who is the ideal target audience, and It will also create a journey for the target audience to fall in love with the brand.

Why my business need a brand strategy?

A brand without strategy is like a car running without a clear direction. In this information-rich and thet ime-limited world, it’s customers, who decide which brand live and which one dies. A solid brand strategy will help your customers differentiate you from your competitors.

What are brand attributes?

Brand attributes are a few keywords that describe the key features of your brand. These features include: Culture, Ideal target audience, Voice, Feel, Impact and X-factor of your brand. These keywords are the base of brand strategy.

What is a mood board?

The mood board is a visual representation of a brand strategy. It takes brand attributes as a source of inspiration, and draw existing images, typography and photos to resemble the feel & look of a brand. The purpose of a mood board is to align the vision between clients and designers.

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