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We are Build a complete content strategy. create the perfect story for your audience. Understand what verbal and visual messages appeal to your consumers..

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We are Give full time Support and update you every step.

Are feeling Frustrated Trying to Understand the Complexity of Audience Analytics?

If You Answer Yes to any of these Questions then This Service is for you!

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The process was smooth from beginning to end and I feel better poised to attract new customers to my air conditioning business. I look forward to using JLR for my future marketing consulting needs!


The Orderscale was easy to communicate, professional and deadline driven. He provided a word document with demographic screenshots regarding the audience I am targeting, giving me a perspective of what changes to make and how to advertise so that I may acquire more customers. I loved that he also incorporated his analysis giving me ideas. I would definitely as a digital marketer.

Alex jorge

Great working with this company. Very analytical and thorough. Helped to identify issues on GA, GTM among others and resolved them efficiently. Will definitely be using him again.


It was an amazing experience. Highly recommended as his primary goal is to make sure that his customer is fully satisfied.


Frequently Asked Questions

I will make sure that we use the right naming for the Goals and will set up the Goals

Can you fix every issue?

I would love to say yes, but the reality is that some issues exist in 3rd-party solutions, coding with in plugins or others that I don’t have access to fix. In these cases my goal is to identify the issue. If the 3rd party cannot or will not resolve the issue I will suggest other solutions to use.

How fast can you fix my issue?

I can provide fairly quick results if you are very responsive to my requests. When I start a gig I typically have LOTS of questions to help get a clear picture of the issue you’re experiencing.

Do you provide any other Digital Marketing service?

Yes, I can shape your total presence. I can be your Facebook Business page builder, content and keyword planner.

Can you help me with my Facebook and Google Ads?

Yes! I can run and plan for your Ads and guide you with the total campaign designing strategy. Also I can make trackable campaign in your social media or AdWords to pinpoint your campaign success rate

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